Cardi B is having her best year yet. The Grammy nominated rapper broke onto the scene in 2017. With a chart topping hit that landed her a performance at Alexander Wang’s fashion week after-party. And a scene-stealing red carpet presence that regularly finds her mixing unconventional pieces from Gucci, Saint Laurent and Versace with a seemingly endless collection of Christian Louboutin heels. The one constant? The rapper’s intricately decorated, one-of-a-kind nails, which have become a starring attraction in their own right.

Photo: Courtesy of Jenny Bui

An ongoing collaboration with the Bronx-based nail artist Jenny Bui—who has amassed a loyal clientele at her bustling Manhattan salon and an impressive 400,000 Instagram followers of her own.

Cardi B’s tips are regularly pictured in her feed adorned with intricate crystals, 3-D gold balls and pearls. “I’ve been doing her nails for over 5 years.” explains Bui, who began working with the musician long before her rise to fame. With monthly visits that often take up to two hours time. Cardi B still visits the shop and won’t trust anyone else with her hands.

“She has never cheated on me!” says Bui with a laugh. And it’s easy to see why: The nail artist is known for her precision, original color sense, and skill with all manner of Swarovski crystals, executing inspired combinations on relatively tiny. And sometimes not so tiny—canvases.

Which is why for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, Cardi B booked her favorite pro artist for a full day at her St. Regis suite. To match her angelic white tulle Ashi Studio dress. The pair decided on a set of ivory, stiletto-shaped nails with multi-faceted Swarovski accents adorning the center and tips. The artistry is all in Bui’s secret polish formula, created out of a need to keep heavy gems and crystals in place when applied over freshly filled acrylics.

(So tephlon strong is “Jenny’s Secret” formula, she confesses, that it sometimes needs a professional nail drill and heavy soaking to deconstruct a nail design.) As for the Sunday evening design, “she knows what she likes.” notes Bui of the rapper, who requested “not too much bling” to distract from her textured, architectural frock. That’s right, these nails, according to Bui, are among the “simpler designs” she’s been creating since Cardi B slipped on the 11-carat pink-and-white diamond engagement ring she famously accepted on stage from rapper Offset in October.

As wedding rumors swirl and the couple makes plans for their walk down the aisle, the perfect bridal manicure awaits. Will it be a complete departure from Cardi B’s beloved full-on creations? “Her wedding gown is probably going to be crazy,” says Bui matter-of-factly. And the world can hardly wait.

Original Article from VOGUE.

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